Michel Combes picture

Michel Combes

GC-Bank Combes Unc.
Ecublens; Chiesaz, 8
Président Director

Violet theme inspired by Ju Gonçalves

Polymathic Engineer, blockchain architect, 4th revolution visionary, creator of GC-Bank™. I am looking for transforming the technology horizon. Blockchain evengelist at BlockRing™.

Member of the Movement for Gradual Change, proposing alternative to the system.

Developing Tools inside my garage to help citizen initiatives. Willing to be the next alternative banker for a true Banking Revolution.

Transhumanist and Humanist Technology. Eco-Social Blockchains. Electronic Voting. Group Autonomous Governance. Tools that don't exist yet. Dancing Tango.


  1. CSAP™ Program.
  2. the human chain HuRing.gq #HRG
  3. Permissionned blockchain for voting : BlockRing™
  4. never get SPAM in your public invitation link : use safer™
  5. Weather on Demand
  6. Michelium: my personal blockchain (#MCL)